Sunday, April 24, 2011

Here's my belly

Thank you to my dear friend Elena for these ones.
I think this will be the last round unless I get to bathe in the sunshine for a few days before the baby comes.  I always imagined being a tan pregnant woman.  And maybe there will be a round of Rob and I together.  That would be cute and good to have.
I go to the midwife tomorrow so Ill write again and update but it seems all is well, nice and changes in anyway.
Lots and Lots of Love...

Friday, April 22, 2011

This is Blossom...The outside one.  My dear Rob and a friend just spread more than a ton of sheep compost this week so the ground will be so ready for the May planting.  As you can see everything is growing up nicely and I still have a few more flowers to get started.  Thank you Sweet Aunt Patty for the seeds!  Im so excited about them.
On the Blossom in my belly...well...were hanging in there.  1 1/2 weeks left of bed rest...We shall see what happens after that.
I have found that trusting the theory that when you are doing what you love and what you are meant to be doing...every single thing falls into place. So this baby will come just when it should and the flowers will all bloom just as they should.  Ive had no other signs otherwise.
Thank you all for holding us close.  We know you are.  And we couldn't have gotten this far with out you.


where the flowers will grow.

babies ready for a bigger container

Monday, April 18, 2011

I just cannot believe how fast this pregnancy has gone.  Seriously.  We have 6 more weeks.  Im still on modified bedrest for 2 more.  Its fine.  All the uncomfortable contractions and pressure are still with me but no changes in my cervix so Im just going to chalk it up to end of pregnancy uncomfortability.  And I am ok with that.  I will rest as I have been and this baby will stay right where it is.
!0 more days of rain...eeek.  I guess the ground will be nice and moist.  All the flowers are growing up beautifully and I just ordered my last round of fleurs.  Cant wait to start them.  We full recovered from the hoop house travesty.  it was actually a blessing in disguise, all the little ones got potted up in bigger pots and now they just exploded!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Business of Being Born

I want to take this opportunity to invite EVERYONE to watch The Business of Being Born.  If you remember I commented in my blog about it being depressing and about how mother's to be have lost the power to be in control when it comes to giving birth.  Well, it is about that...but more of a historical account about the birthing process.   And more than that, it is about several women and their home birth experiences.  It is really beautiful and REAL.  I have witnessed 4 births in my life, not many, but each one as beautiful as the next.  When I watched this movie I was filled with the same excitement and emotion every time.  Really a must see.
As for me and my status, well, im on Modified Bed Rest.  Suppossedly if I am up for an hour then I need to be down for 2.  Let's just say Im taking it easy. But doing what I need to do.  Im going to yoga today and the midwife told me that swimming would be OK too.  So Im satisfied.  Im just being aware and resting when I need to.
Last night Rob and I started our birthing Classes.  Pretty Interesting.  We are learning about nutrition, stretches, etc.  Its a 6 class series so we should be good and informed by the end.
A little side note.
I know there are a lot of mommas out there with baby stuff galore.  Maybe youre still using it and maybe you are trying to figure out how to find the energy to get rid of it.  I do not mind used things so if you are so inspired...
703 Coast
Willits CA 95490
We have a lot of blankets but other than that we welcome the esssentials.  And please NO PRESSURE.  I just wanted to put it out there as an outlet.
Carissa, ROb and our little one

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Great News

So I went to see the doctor today.  And she doesn't seem to be as concerned today as the midwife was on Saturday.  My contractions have slowed and decreased in intensity so that's a good sign.  My cervix hadn't changed since Sunday.  All good signs that I and baby are doing well and not showing too worrisome of signs that birth is happening soon. Relatively.  I guess I still have to hold off on Yoga and swimming and walking until monday when I get another checkup.  But at least I can get out of bed.
Major catastrophe on the flower end of things.
our hoop house blew over and so did all my little babies.  I salvaged a lot which I am thankful for but I lost a very large amount of newly germinated seeds.  Luckily I have more.  So tomorrow...since I don't have to be in bed...I am going to start them all over again.  It was so crushing to see everyone in a big pile of soil on the ground.  It made me cry.  And made me really have to get over myself thinking about real catastrophes that happen on the grand scale...Japan. So I had to be thankful that it was just a few replaceable plants and figure out the next step.  I had backup.  Where I am growing the flowers there is a perfect refuge of a green house.  so off they went to stay warm for the frosty and potentially snowy night.
I think thats it.
Love, Love, Love

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Most Recent

Its Tuesday.  Tomorrow marks the 32 week and as of Saturday I have been put on bed rest.  I started having regular every 2-3-4 minutes that lasted for hours.  Infact Im still having them.  I go to the doctor tomorrow for a thorough investigation, though Saturday nights visit to the hospital seemed pretty in depth.  They did a fibronectin test ( a test to see if  a certain protein was being released to trigger labor) which came back negative.  That means for the next 2 weeks I shouldn't expect labor but nothing is definitive.  And the baby is perfect, heart rate is good, it moves, and measures on target.
Tomorrow I see the doctor who oversees my midwives who will either tell me that even though Im having all these contractions, my cervix isn't dilating and i just need to take it easy but no bed rest OR she will tell me the opposite.  Bed rest until 35-36 weeks.  3-4 weeks.  EEEEK.
Im trying to be optimistic.  Im trying to remember there is a plan.  That my fears of not being ready will soon fade into glorious motherhood wisdom.  The wisdom that comes out of nowhere and washes over every concern and doubt you had before giving birth.
But do I have enough diapers?  Will I really be able to get my flowers in the ground at any point?
And all this pre-mature...for my fate will be decided tomorrow.  I really love the doctor Im seeing.  She's incredibly realistic and smart and has probably delivered close to 10000 babies.  She's seen it all.  From what I understand this "irritable uterus" I have is quite common.  Don't you love the terminology...hopefully I don't also have an "incompetent cervix"
Anyway...hope you don't mind the specific details but this is the reason for blogging right?  Let folks know what's really going on.
Wish and hope for good news tomorrow and don't worry.  All will be well.  Anyway it goes.
and I Love you all.