Friday, April 22, 2011

This is Blossom...The outside one.  My dear Rob and a friend just spread more than a ton of sheep compost this week so the ground will be so ready for the May planting.  As you can see everything is growing up nicely and I still have a few more flowers to get started.  Thank you Sweet Aunt Patty for the seeds!  Im so excited about them.
On the Blossom in my belly...well...were hanging in there.  1 1/2 weeks left of bed rest...We shall see what happens after that.
I have found that trusting the theory that when you are doing what you love and what you are meant to be doing...every single thing falls into place. So this baby will come just when it should and the flowers will all bloom just as they should.  Ive had no other signs otherwise.
Thank you all for holding us close.  We know you are.  And we couldn't have gotten this far with out you.


where the flowers will grow.

babies ready for a bigger container

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  1. Wow, I'm jealous of that space you have for planting. How wonderful. Yes, you're right, always holding you close. Take care of yourself and baby.