Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Most Recent

Its Tuesday.  Tomorrow marks the 32 week and as of Saturday I have been put on bed rest.  I started having regular contractions...like every 2-3-4 minutes that lasted for hours.  Infact Im still having them.  I go to the doctor tomorrow for a thorough investigation, though Saturday nights visit to the hospital seemed pretty in depth.  They did a fibronectin test ( a test to see if  a certain protein was being released to trigger labor) which came back negative.  That means for the next 2 weeks I shouldn't expect labor but nothing is definitive.  And the baby is perfect, heart rate is good, it moves, and measures on target.
Tomorrow I see the doctor who oversees my midwives who will either tell me that even though Im having all these contractions, my cervix isn't dilating and i just need to take it easy but no bed rest OR she will tell me the opposite.  Bed rest until 35-36 weeks.  3-4 weeks.  EEEEK.
Im trying to be optimistic.  Im trying to remember there is a plan.  That my fears of not being ready will soon fade into glorious motherhood wisdom.  The wisdom that comes out of nowhere and washes over every concern and doubt you had before giving birth.
But do I have enough diapers?  Will I really be able to get my flowers in the ground at any point?
And all this pre-mature...for my fate will be decided tomorrow.  I really love the doctor Im seeing.  She's incredibly realistic and smart and has probably delivered close to 10000 babies.  She's seen it all.  From what I understand this "irritable uterus" I have is quite common.  Don't you love the terminology...hopefully I don't also have an "incompetent cervix"
Anyway...hope you don't mind the specific details but this is the reason for blogging right?  Let folks know what's really going on.
Wish and hope for good news tomorrow and don't worry.  All will be well.  Anyway it goes.
and I Love you all.


  1. Carissa, I had the exact same scenario. First, let me tell you to try not to worry. I had regular contractions from week 26 on and was put on bed rest for the next 12 weeks. My fibronectin test was also negative. If it's any consolation, with all of my contractions I was dilated at 4 and 100% effaced and STILL made it to just shy of 38 weeks. At that point I had to have a c-section. I got through bed rest by constantly reminding myself how important each and every day was with the development of the baby. Each day marked a new milestone and was a blessing. I'll keep you in my prayers. Stay happy and positive :)

  2. Carissa,
    Oh how familiar your story sounds! Parker is just waking up this morning with a giant smile on his perfect face...don't worry it will all be ok. I too had premature labor, some bedrest and then he was a little late in coming :) I wish I lived close enough to come and help you plant your flowers. Praying for good news today and hang in there!