Sunday, April 24, 2011

Here's my belly

Thank you to my dear friend Elena for these ones.
I think this will be the last round unless I get to bathe in the sunshine for a few days before the baby comes.  I always imagined being a tan pregnant woman.  And maybe there will be a round of Rob and I together.  That would be cute and good to have.
I go to the midwife tomorrow so Ill write again and update but it seems all is well, nice and changes in anyway.
Lots and Lots of Love...


  1. Oh my the images and you are so beautiful. I love the photographer's like you. I love them!! Thanks for sharing. I know your momma is smiling from ear to ear. Love to your family. Love Virginia

  2. You are beautiful!! Time seems to be slipping away until..... Love looking at my little "grandbaby bump"!! I still want to get together for tea - maybe after this LAST week of bedrest and checkup with the midwife.

  3. These are so beautiful!!! So excited you! rfo