Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Great News

So I went to see the doctor today.  And she doesn't seem to be as concerned today as the midwife was on Saturday.  My contractions have slowed and decreased in intensity so that's a good sign.  My cervix hadn't changed since Sunday.  All good signs that I and baby are doing well and not showing too worrisome of signs that birth is happening soon. Relatively.  I guess I still have to hold off on Yoga and swimming and walking until monday when I get another checkup.  But at least I can get out of bed.
Major catastrophe on the flower end of things.
our hoop house blew over and so did all my little babies.  I salvaged a lot which I am thankful for but I lost a very large amount of newly germinated seeds.  Luckily I have more.  So tomorrow...since I don't have to be in bed...I am going to start them all over again.  It was so crushing to see everyone in a big pile of soil on the ground.  It made me cry.  And made me really have to get over myself thinking about real catastrophes that happen on the grand scale...Japan. So I had to be thankful that it was just a few replaceable plants and figure out the next step.  I had backup.  Where I am growing the flowers there is a perfect refuge of a green house.  so off they went to stay warm for the frosty and potentially snowy night.
I think thats it.
Love, Love, Love


  1. Hooray!!!!! I've been thinking about you today for sure! Take it easy and love on those little flower sproutlings :) So thrilled that you do not have to be on bedrest right now!

  2. Good morning love...just spent the morning with a yummy cup of coffee and your beautiful words. This little person growing inside you is being loved so well. You are already such a good good mama. I love you so much...I want to come and see you, Im devising a plan. Thanks your sharing yourself's brave and so encouraging. Jessie