Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Business of Being Born

I want to take this opportunity to invite EVERYONE to watch The Business of Being Born.  If you remember I commented in my blog about it being depressing and about how mother's to be have lost the power to be in control when it comes to giving birth.  Well, it is about that...but more of a historical account about the birthing process.   And more than that, it is about several women and their home birth experiences.  It is really beautiful and REAL.  I have witnessed 4 births in my life, not many, but each one as beautiful as the next.  When I watched this movie I was filled with the same excitement and emotion every time.  Really a must see.
As for me and my status, well, im on Modified Bed Rest.  Suppossedly if I am up for an hour then I need to be down for 2.  Let's just say Im taking it easy. But doing what I need to do.  Im going to yoga today and the midwife told me that swimming would be OK too.  So Im satisfied.  Im just being aware and resting when I need to.
Last night Rob and I started our birthing Classes.  Pretty Interesting.  We are learning about nutrition, stretches, etc.  Its a 6 class series so we should be good and informed by the end.
A little side note.
I know there are a lot of mommas out there with baby stuff galore.  Maybe youre still using it and maybe you are trying to figure out how to find the energy to get rid of it.  I do not mind used things so if you are so inspired...
703 Coast
Willits CA 95490
We have a lot of blankets but other than that we welcome the esssentials.  And please NO PRESSURE.  I just wanted to put it out there as an outlet.
Carissa, ROb and our little one

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  1. Carissa - I have some baby things of Robert's saved for you if you want them - even the outfit he wore home from the hospital almost 28 years ago! Let me know - no pressure.