Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Have you ever been a part of a collective poem?  One person writes a line, the next writes something that goes along with it.  the next person writes off of what the second person wrote, not knowing what the first person wrote.  each person folds the paper over so that the next person only sees one line from which they gather inspiration from.  Its a little hard to explain. But in the end it is so beautiful...everytime! I just remembered that the first one i was involved in was in Austin.  Sitting on the front porch drinking mimosas with the gang.  That poem was a funny one...I probably still have it somewhere.
Here is the collective poem some girlfriends wrote for me.

Full moon mama, glows, reflects light from the other side
She carries inside of her the baby she’s always known
Wrapped tight and warm inside her cozy womb
What does the divine entrust in her?
A wonderous life, a blossoming seed
The beginning of the universe
The entirety of life itself
Breath, love and challenges. Moving in the cycle of life.
Walking through the grass we find our way
Never stumbling-our path has already been chosen
We may rejoice and receive our gifts
Surrounded by the ones we love
And may you always, always trust in you and in the world.
The women in your life will hold you, guide you and love you deeply.
Another face, another stage, another cycle into true womanhood
The world is in need of your contribution…a fresh breath
So simple-breath in suffering, exhale love and peace
The new person to come your greatest creation
To unfold the mystery of life’s paths yet untrod

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  1. Love it!!!!!!! I keep thinkng of you and checking in everyday!!! Keep up the good work of growing that beautiful baby!