Thursday, March 31, 2011

Flowers, Flowers and More Flowers

Im going to test my memory and try to list all the types of flowers I started today:
Green Envy Zinnia
Aztec Sunst Zin
Oklahoma Mix Zin
Some other Zins
Cosmos-2 types
Lions Tail
Calendula-the blush colored ones
Eryngium-a Beautiful blue, round thistle like flower.  It seems it may be a fussy germinator so we'll see
Hmmm...that's all I can think of but in case you are curious what else is out there...
Zulu Prince
Straw flower
Amni Visnaga
Bachelor buttons
Dahlias, dahlias, and more dahlias
Hmmm...thats all I can remember.
Anyway, If all goes my way It will be a beautiful array of color and shapes.
Im so looking forward to the harvest stage of this adventure.
Sunday Rob and I are going to break ground at the garden site. Providing that the soil is dry enough.  
Anyway...the sunshine has been a beautiful thing.  Only problem is I wear myself out because apparently Im doing too much.  
Hope you all are enjoying the weather.  

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  1. Oh Carissa! I wish I could be there to see it all, it sounds so lovely and refreshing!