Tuesday, March 29, 2011

So here's the thing.  What is all this testing about?  Its so vague.  GBS?  does anyone have anything to say about GBS?  If I test positive I have to have a 4 hour IV during Labor? Oh and If I refuse they (the Hospital) can keep my baby for 3 days? Even though they monitor the babe for 24 hours and I cant leave the hospital for 36.  I don't know, I do not mean to be skeptical but what the heck did women do 20 years ago? or 10?  I mean no wonder women choose to have their babies at home.
Has anyone seen the business of being born?  I haven't watched it because Im sure it is depressing.  But the concept is exposing how Dr.s and hospitals make so much money from childbirth and how its not about the mother's experience but about convenience for the care providers.
Ooh I think Im ranting.  The thing is I want to believe that as a first time mother I will be guaranteed the most beautiful and memorable birth experience. And I want to believe that my caretakers are there to ensure this experience.  Call me naive.  But this is what Im looking for in this perhaps, once in a lifetime journey.
So I will believe that on the day this little beauty is born I will get to have it just as I want it.
why not.


  1. Hi Clarissa:

    Here's the thing - the tests are not really required...can't agree with you more. It sounds like you will have the birth experience that you want and deserve because you KNOW what you want. Believe in yourself and your body,and let it do the work. I am so happy for you - I don't know if you remember - but Annalee and Casey were both born at home in Maine, and even Evan in Temecula - in the bath tub! Sending good energy your way, and glad you registered - of course everyone will want to send things, and best to get what you want and need!!

  2. thank you nancy. beautifully spoken. i feel good about my strength and belief in my body and heart and mind...looking forward to our experience. sending LOVE