Tuesday, March 29, 2011

31 weeeks

Good Morning...and its an extra good morning because we have ended (it seems) our long stint of rain up here.  26 out of 28 days of rain.  wow.  But spring is here now and so is the sun. That means the plants and flowers are going to go crazy.  Im planting away and putting little babies into bigger pots until they are ready for the big show! Our last frost date isnt until May 15 so they have a long way to go.
But not the little blossom in my belly....nope...just 9 or so more weeks.  I went to the midwife yesterday.  Everything is fine and great. And just where we should be.  She thinks the baby is still breech so hopefully in the next couple of weeks this little bean will turn itself around.  I have been having little earthquakes in my belly which is normal and fine but my goodness they wear me out.  Ive been swimming and doing yoga...exercise feels really good.
I think that is all for now.  Im off to bake bread for my little bread exchange.
My favorite is from the Cheese Board in Berkley.  Its called Plain and Simple and it is just that.  But they left out fantastically delicious.  this cookbook is a must have.  Especially for the Banana walnut muffins.
Love you all.

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