Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Top 10 Things I love about being pregnant

10.  Being a little stupid and getting away with it.
9. The nesting instinct
8. Not having a mind clouded by anything other than whether or not things will affect baby
7. Not Drinking.  But I will be excited to enjoy a full beer or glass of champagne instead of a teaspoon that gets me drunk.  I hope no one worries about this one.
6. I pretty much get to eat whatever, whenever.
5. feeling the babe slither inside my belly
4. Having Rob forgive me when I get uncontrollably upset
3. Knowing that my momma is watching over us.
2. Knowing that in 10 weeks or so, we get to meet this new part of our lives.
And my number 1 reason why I love being pregnant...
1.  I get absolutely pampered in my yoga class. And not only there, but everyday is a pamper fest.  Whether its rubbing yummy belly salve, drinking homemade decaf goatmilk lattes, getting frequent foot massages (thank you rob)or eating that extra's a pamper fest.

And for those of you ladies who are pregnant now and need a little push to go to it.  While everyone else is panting through Camel pose, you get to lie back in supta vadrasana (or however you spell it) for long glorious minutes.  Its all about relaxing.  Treat yourself!

And one other honorable mention...though Im sure there are many...One other thing I love about being pregnant is that it means i will be giving my dad another grandbaby.  He has many now but I know he will just love another.  He's a  great Grandpa.

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