Thursday, March 17, 2011

Midwife Update

Went to the midwife this week.  And I am happy to report that all is well.  I have been eating way more sugar than I did when I wasn't pregnant and had a bit of concern that Gestational Diabetes was going to be an issue.  Mind you when I say more sugar I still dont eat much but I definately want it everyday.  But anyway, my sugar level was perfect according to her, I'd have to eat a lot of sugar everyday to make my levels go to a dangerous place.  Sugar treats continue.  And my iron level was exactly where it needed to be also.  And that's funny because I dont eat much meat.  at all.  It rarely sounds appetizing.    In fact I haven't had many cravings.  Yesterday I had a strong desire for cumin.  So I made some hummus with toasted cumin.  Yummy.  'Bout ate it all and the funny thing is I actually dont eat like I expected to.  I thought preganant women were hungry all the time and ate and ate.  Ive gained a total of 12 pounds.  Im happy about that.  Im not worried about the size of the baby, I had plenty of extra pounds prior for the baby to live off.  The midwife doesnt seem concerned either.  So again Im happy less work post delivery right?
It feels like a time of nesting and getting ready for baby.  I dont exactly know what I am supposed to be doing.  I mean I have diapers and onsies and clothes.  What else do you need at first?  Oh swaddling blankets, throw up rags.  Anyway, Im going back and forth about the whole baby shower thing.  Is that weird?
Im off to my child rearing mentorship now. (Fancy name for babysitting)
 Love you all.  
So yes, all is well inside my belly and I really cant believe I only have 11 weeks to go.

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