Saturday, July 9, 2011

Zoe Paulette

Well...we did it.  Zoe Paulette joined worlds with mama and papa.  June 18th at 11pm she came out of my belly.  A birth story we hadn't imagined but JOYOUS none the less.  Im healing well from having her via c-section and Zoe doesn't seem to care how she got here.  She is just loving her new world. She does all the things newborns do.  She eats, sleeps and poops.  We go on walks and spend a lot of time just staring at each other.  We've had many visitors including Some very proud grandparents, a great Aunt and Uncle, and the many loving and incredibly supportive second family I've/ we've gained while living in Willits.  We have been taken care of by very lovely friends.  THANK YOU ALL.
Im incredibly proud of her papa who is a natural.  She loves the heck out of him.  and together we are figuring out family life.
The flowers are so beautiful.  They are just about to bloom like crazy.  Ive already made several bouquets and am really lookin forward to the bounty.
Hope everyone is well and loving summer.  We are just getting out into it.  I love the sun.

the new family.


  1. What a wonderful granddaughter you have given me!! I can hardly express myself in words. Robert was once that tiny and now he is a proud papa! Many blessings to all three of you. I LOVE YOU!!!!!

  2. Congratulations to your dear family! She is precious and so beautiful! Enjoy!