Sunday, March 20, 2011

Rain, Rain go away...come back after all the farmers and gardeners have worked their soil and have planted all the spring lovliness.  Or better yet just move your self and fall over all the empty lakes, water catchment systems, and other storage containers.  Willits has had enough. And please take the wind that blew over my hoop-house with you.  
The photo above is a small sample of the babies I've been starting to get the flower biz off the ground. They look yellow in the photos because the photos were taken with an artsy fartsy iphone app.  In person they are green and healthy looking.   
Yesterday Rob and I went to the Fort bragg aquatic center where there is an indoor heated pool, lazy river, water slide and lap pool.  It was so fun.  Some good baby exercise.  Anyway, I ran into the local gal who is growing cut flowers in the area.  She is great.  She had a lot of useful information and has complete faith that what I am looking to do will go well. Though slow.  it was really interesting to hear that she started her operation right after her momma passed away.  At my same age or close.  My Mom would be so proud.  

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